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The virtual Swiss dance-project ...

Cover-Igo1.JPG (70700 Byte)     

Cover-Igo2.JPG (70342 Byte)

D.J. IGO's success:

  • several chart-hits

  • incl. no-1-hit "Freude herrscht" (pleasure in the air)

  • official song for Swiss Soccer Team in 1994

Released by EMI Records:

  • Maxi-Single "Freude herrscht"

  • Maxi-Single "Far away"

Released by Quivelda Media:

  • Single "No way out"

also several releases on international compilations

This was a nonrecurring project made for the World Soccer Championship 1994 in the United States.



"live" on stage

Igo.JPG (58630 Byte)

in front of a
screamin' crowd

yeah, there was
pleasure in
the air

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